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MemberWorks Programs Evoluton

Introduction to MemberWorks Programs

MemberWorks offers a number of programs in each of the United States and Canada. The programs of greatest interest are the ones that offer discount gift cards. These progams will be discussed within this article, you can read about the others at the MemberWorks web site.

3 programs are being offered primarily by phone solicitation from credit card companies:

  1. At Home
  2. LifeStyle Rewards
  3. Galleria

3 new programs are being offered primarily by on-line advertising:

  1. At Home+
  2. LifeStyle Rewards+
  3. Galleria+

Latest Developments

The first 3 programs used to be offered through both credit card and on-line sign up. This encouraged a large number of people to sign up for the programs and order the popular gift cards durng the free trial and then cancel their accounts. The process could be easily repeated over and over, providing a near endless supply of gift cards. Many people engaged in the practice of re-selling these gift cards through online forums and auction sites.

MemberWorks became aware of this practice and, apparently in direct response, changed the programs to be less exploitable.

The first change involved limiting the gift cards offered to those that signed up through on-line methods. Petro Canada, Home Depot, and Canadian Tire cards were no longer offered.

The most recent development is the introduction of the + variations to the programs. These programs have now replaced the others for on-line sign ups. The amount of gift cards that can be ordered at one time has now been limited to 5 of each card. This now eliminates the possibility of ordering large quantities of cards and cancelling. The obvious intent here is to keep more members from cancelling during the trial period.

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