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Please note that Blockbuster Video is no longer in business.

The cost in store for a one year membership is $9.99.

College or University students may be able to obtain a free membership (promoted around September). A valid student ID may be necessary.

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- $2 off a rental every month for a year (12 coupons, one per month)
- Every 6th New Release is Free (for every 5 paid New Release movie rentals in one month, the 6th is Free)
- Unlimited Same Day Reservation
- $1 off previously enjoyed games, movies, or DVDs (2 coupons)
- $1 off the purchase of New Retail DVDs (4 coupons)
- Two extra night coupons (now that BlockBuster has no late fees, should ask to use as a free rental)
Here is the link to BB's FAQ regarding this ... BB FAQ Rewards Membership Program

Packages including BLOCKBUSTER Rewards

BLOCKBUSTRER Entertainment Pack

Available in store for $19.99.
- FREE Rewards Membership (or renewal)
- 2 New Release Movie Rentals (DVD or VHS)
- 8 Favourites Rentals (DVD or VHS)
- 4 Rent 1 Get 1 Full Week New Release Rentals
- 4 Free Popcorn packages
- 13 Coupons For $1 Off Rentals
- 2 Movie Rentals, 2 591Ml Coca-Cola products and 2 Single Popcorn Packs for $12.99
- 3 Rent 1 Game Get 1 Game Rental Free

Sears Family First

Get a free BlockBuster Rewards coupon when buying a Sears Family First membership. Membership kits are available in store or online for $24.99.

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