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Canadian Tire Money

Canadian Tire Money
Canadian Tire Money is likely the first loyalty program introduced to Canada. You can read about the history of Canadian Tire Money.

Canadian Tire Money is given when a purchase is made at a Canadian Tire store or at a gas bar and the payment is made via cash, debit, or gift card. A percentage of the transaction is given back. If a Canadian Tire credit card or other Canadian Tire affiliated card is used then virtual money is credited to the account, otherwise paper currency is given.

Canadian Tire Money is only issued when a the pre-tax amount of the transaction is $2.00 or more.
The first $2.00 spent earns $0.05.
For a purchase between $2.00 and $5.98, you still earn $0.05.
For every additional $5.99 spent, an additional $0.10 is accrued.

Because Canadian Tire Money is awarded in increments of $0.05, the effective rate of the rebate varies depending on the amount spent. This rate can be as low at 0.8% or as high as 2.5%.

Additional amounts are accrued when an affiliated credit card is used.

You can also earn Canadian Tire Money online through the My Canadian Tire program. A minimum purchase of $125 is necessary to earn the rewards.

You can increase the amount of Canadian Tire Money earned by a substantial amount by Price Matching at Canadian Tire.

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