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You need to be a member in order to purchase from Costco. All Costco memberships are refundable at any time if a member is not satisfied for any reason.

Membership Levels

All fees apply for a one year period from the day of purchase.

Executive Levels

Special member rates are available with either of the Executive class memberships on the following services:


Executive Gold Star members receive a 2% reward rebate on most purchases at Costco (including the Costco web site). If you anticipate spending more than $2,500 (2% of 2,500 = $50, the difference in price between the Gold Star and Executive Gold Star programs) or taking advantage of the special Executive member rates then you should consider purchasing the Executive Gold Star membership.

The same concept applies to Business and Business Executive, but the price difference is $55, so you need to spend at least $2,750 per year (2% of 2,750 = $55) (and/or receive value from Executive member discount rates) to make Business Executive worthwhile.

Affiliated Credit Cards

The American Express Costco Platinum Cash Rebate Card earns up to 2% cash rebate and also seves as a Costco membership card. Receive a 0.25% rebate on the first $2000 spent. Receive 0.5% on the next $3000. Amounts over $5000 receive a 1.5% rebate. If you don't cary a balance then your maximum rebate is only 1.5%. The last 0.5% is only earned if carrying a balance (accrued interest charges more than negates this reward).

Program Discussion

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