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eBay Anything Points

eBay Anything Points is a program that allows buyers to pay for eBay items with a promotional currency called eBay Anything Points when used in combination with a PayPal account.

In addition, eBay sellers can use their points to pay for their eBay seller fees when they make a payment to eBay with their PayPal account.

You can earn Points from program partners, special offers and sellers who offer Points. Your Anything Points will be stored in your PayPal account until you are ready to use them to pay for your eBay items.

Phase Out

Members were able to earn eBay Anything Points until May 31, 2006, and redeem Points until November 30, 2006. All Points that were not been used by November 30, 2006 became invalid.

For more information regarding the phase-out of the eBay Anything Points program, please see the Anything Points home page at

Point Value

1 eBay Anything Point = US$0.01 (1 cent).


  • earn points through partner offers
  • special eBay offers
  • purchase from sellers offering points
  • affiliate credit card


  • purchase of items through eBay
  • payment of eBay listing fees

Affiliated Credit Cards

eBay Anything Points MasterCard

Program Discussion

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