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Best Free Stuff Programs


Pizza Pizza offers a free pizza slice and beverage to kids, just for signing up.
Pizza Pizza Kids Club
Dairy Queen provides a free cone to everyone that registers with an email address.
Dairy Queen DQ Crew Club

Baby Formula

Even if you plan on breast feeding, it's a good idea to have some formula around just in case problems are encountered. You don't want to have to make a trip to the store in an emergency. You might want to consider requesting a sample of the soy-based formula in case the baby becomes lactose intolerant.
Enfamil First Connection
Nestle Baby
Similac StrongMoms

Best Points Programs

Rating Program Name Highlights
aaaaa Shoppers Optimum Frequent promotions, can "stack" promotional offers.
aaaa Air Miles Good breadth of participants, offerings. Many options for redeeming points (not just flights). Can earn "double" points by using affiliated credit card.

Mediocre Programs

Rating Program Name Highlights
aaa Aeroplan Points earned on airline flights, hotel bookings, affiliate credit cards and other partners. Limited opportunities for redemptions (blackout periods, restrictions).
aaa Canadian Tire Money Oldest program. Many affilliate credit card opportunities. Can earn rewars in-store, gas bar, and online.
aaa Hbc Rewards Accepted by all Hbc companies. Bonus point opportunities.
aa PC Points These are only available when using the PC Points credit card or PC financial services. Reward offers are weak.

Marginal Programs

Rating Program Name Highlights
a BLOCKBUSTER Rewards Only applies to BLOCKBUSTER offerings, mainly movies, games, and snack items.
a Esso Extra Very low payback, not worth the trouble if you can get gas elsewhere.

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