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Futura Rewards

Futura Rewards supports these 4 objectives

  1. Save for retirement
  2. Save for a child's education cost
  3. Repay a student loan
  4. Give to charity

How it Works

Receipts or UPC codes are collected and then sent by mail on a quarterly basis. Cash rewards are accumulated in an account and can then be transferred to any Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) account.

Transfer Fees

Be aware of the fee to transfer funds from your account to an RESP account. Try to transfer the maximum amount each time in order to reduce your exposure to the fees.
"The amount of the transfer fee will depend in part upon the Investment Manager to whom such transfer is directed. If You direct us to transfer cash to Heritage Education Savings Fund, a transfer fee of $8.75 will be deducted. If You direct us to transfer cash to any other fund, a transfer fee of $13.75 will be deducted.We reserve the right to change these fees or to additional fees in the future. We will notify You of any change in fees by placing a note at the bottom of the home page for the Kidsfutures Program."

Program Discussion

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