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Click on "Forgot ID" to gain access to the Frequently Asked Questions without logging in.

There is a membership fee for this program, but a 7 day free trial is available.

If you willing to do a little work then you can stay with the program, exercise all the rebate opportunities and recover an amount in rebates much greater than the cost of the membership fee.

A free $25 gift card is offered during on-line sign up (not MBNA phone solicitation). In order to receive the gift card you need to click on a link found in your welcome email that takes you to a page on the program web site where you can request a form to be sent to you. Once you fill in the form and send it back then you will receive the $25 Canadian Tire gift card.

How to Join

There are multiple ways to sign up for this program:

  1. Sign up for GreatCanadian Rebates (look for Club Memberships). They'll actually pay you $7 to sign up through their site! $1 to sign up plus $17.95 per month (tax included). This includes an offer for a free $25 gift card from Canadian Tire.
  2. Make a purchase through Pay via credit card. Disable pop-up blocking. Look for offers for a free $25 gift card or survey during order confirmation. Note: sometimes the At Home+ offer is displayed instead. $12.95 per month (tax included).
  3. Purchase a membership at Sometimes they have LifeStyle Rewards enrolment offers.
  4. Credit Card telemarketing offer (Canadian Tire Financial, CapitalOne, CitiBank, Desjardins, MBNA, HSBC, Laurentian, National Bank). Call in and say you heard about the offer "from a friend". You need to have a participating bank credit card to use this method. Note that you don't get the membership number right away, so you need to wait for the arrival of your membership kit or phone in to LifeStyle Rewards. $139.95 + tax for first year, $149.95 for each subsequent year. This method is unique in that it offers Petro Canada, Canadian Tire, and Home Depot gift cards, while the online sign up methods no longer do.
  5. Register for a free Ipod. Click through all the offers until you see something that mentions a free $25 gift card. It's actually results at the exact same sign up screen as #1. It's very difficult to get a free Ipod, as you have to complete one offer and also refer a large number of people that all have to complete offers. It doesn't hurt to register a take a look, as no credit card is necessary.
  6. Register for a free digital camera. It's the same as #5 except it's a camera instead of an Ipod.
Note: the sign up methods above are often only available sporadically.

Benefits (annual)

Home & Family Care
Canadian Tire 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
Certigard 40-point Seasonal Service coupon for 40-point service at $49.95
Certigard Labour Discount coupon for $25 discount per $100 spent save 15%
Golda's Kitchen free shipping on orders over $75
The Brick 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
The Home Depot 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
Home Hardware 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
HomeSense 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
M&M Meat Shops 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
Sears 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
VistaPrint save 50%
Family Fun
Best Buy 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
Chapters 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
Indigo 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
Coles 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
Cineplex Entertainment 20 * $10 gift cards, 20% rebate
Petro-Canada 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
The Sony store 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
Dining Out
The Keg Steakhouse 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate
Casey's 5 cards/month, 30 cards/year, 20% rebate


  • Sign up for the free trial toward the end of a month, record your membership number given at the end of sign up and then log on to the program site (Postal Code in upper case) to order your gift cards. Since the free trial allows for 7 days + an additional 14 days receiving the mailing you have time to order twice, cancel after you receive the rebates on your credit card (check you online statement). Enroll again online by varying your address and/or phone number and/or credit card number.
  • If you plan to stay with the program, follow as above but order all the rebates as well, phone in to ask what additional rebates you are eligible for (ask specifically for gas, dining, and hotel).
  • If you are staying with the program, phone in after the end of your free trial and request a lower monthly rate. Say "your friend" is also a member and is paying $12.95 / month. Also, request the "Final Billing Offer". For those accepted this allows them to keep the membership for the remainder of the year without being changed any additional monthly fees (only applicable to members on monthly payment plans).
  • When you receive your welcome package, immediately return the free $25 gift card survey, you should receive the gift card within 8 weeks of signing up (membership must be active), cancel after receiving the gift card, if desired.
  • Chapters, Coles, and Indigo all accept the same gift cards. Max out all to get $2250 in cards.
  • If you plan to make a large purchase at Sears, order the Sears Travel cards. They are accepted at any Sears outlet the same as the other cards, but have $50 value as opposed to $25. Using fewer cards will take less transaction time. You may also order both types of Sears cards to use toward your purchase (even on the same transaction).
  • Purchase the maximum amount of the popular gift cards even if you don't require them for personal use or gifts. Sell them at a 10% discount or trade them for ones that you need.
  • You are only supposed to have one membership per household, but many people have multiple memberships by using different credit card numbers and/or address and/or variations on their name. There's no problem having a membership in each of the programs, so you can subscribe to At Home or At Home+, SavingSmart, and Galleria or Galleria+ as well. The latter being the safest method of exploiting the programs, as MemberWorks will cancel multiple memberships in the same program, if discovered.

Program Discussion

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