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The M&M Max program is available at M&M Meat Shops across Canada. The program offers it's members many savings opportunities and promotions. Many of the sale prices are only available to members.

The program has been active since 1993, when the relationship with Zellers' Club Z was severed. There are now 4.5 million members. Over 96% of store transactions involve loyalty members

The top 10% of M&M's customers generate 43% of sales. The loyalty program is now target marketing these customers in order to encourage additional revenue from this source. For example, on Valentine's Day a package was sent to the homes of the top 50 customers of each store. They received a rose, a cherry cheesecake and a handwritten thank you note.

It's free to join the M&M Max program. All you have to do is to fill out an application at any M&M location.

Just present your card or key tag every time you make a purchase.


  • Special MAX member flyer savings
  • Exclusive money saving promotions and offers.
  • M&M monthly draws.
  • M&M MAX newsletters.
  • Exclusive M&M MAX sweepstakes.

Sample Offers

  • 1 kg Beef and Sirloin Burgers Max Members save $3.00
  • 10 oz Large Shrimp Ring Max Members save $2.00 
  • 600 g New York Cream Cheese Cakes Max Members pay $5.99

Threshold Promotions

These promotions take place periodically and involve achieving a threshold amount in a set period of time (e.g. spend 200 in a 10 week span).

  • Spend $250 and receive a free Thanksgiving turkey
  • Spend $250 and receive a free set of plastic storage containers

M&M saw a 21% increase in the average sale amount during one 10 week threshold promotion and a 71% increase in household spend on another (from 2005 STORE conference). With results like these, we can expect more to be forthcoming.

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