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Memberworks Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the contact phone numbers and other key information for the various programs?
At Home 1-866-847-7885 FAQs Web Site
At Home+ 1-866-847-1935 FAQs Web Site
LifeStyle Rewards 1-800-847-7860 FAQs Web Site
LifeStyle Rewards+ 1-866-847-7540 FAQs Web Site
Galleria 1-888-522-9808 FAQs Web Site
Galleria+ 1-866-847-1991 FAQs Web Site
Your Savings Club 1-888-946-7268 FAQs Web Site

: What are MemberWork's operating hours?
M-F: 8am-10pm EST
Sat: 8am-5pm EST
Sun: closed

Q: What discount gift card programs are available from MemberWorks Canada?
A: At Home, At Home+, Galleria, Galleria+,LifeStyle Rewards, LifeStyle Rewards+, Your Savings Club.

Q: How much can you save by purchasing discount gift cards from one of these programs?
A: The most you can save is 20%. This amount can decrease, depending on how much you may for membership fees. There are rebate opportunities that can more than compensate for these fees.

Q: What's the difference between the "regular" version of the programs and the "+" version?
A: With the plus version, you are limited to 5 gift cards per month, per retailer. With the older versions, you can buy your entire gift card limit for the year at once.

Q: Why can't I order Petro Canada, Canadian Tire, or Home Depot gift cards through my LifeStyle Rewards membership anymore?
A: If you signed up via any of the "online" sign up methods (direct link, Free Ipods, Free Digital Camera) then you can no longer order the high demand cards. MemberWorks determined that people signing up via this method were exploiting the program. Due to this issue the VistaPrint or AllPosters signup methods are recommended.

Q: What's the best way to sign up for LifeStyle Rewards?
A: Order something inexpensive from VistaPrint or AllPosters. After you confirm you will be presented with a sign up link (more information here). This is the cheapest sign up method and also provides access to the most cards.

Q: What's the best way to sign up for LifeStyle Rewards+?
A: See here.
Q: What's the best way to sign up for Galleria?
A: Pick one of these: Free Ipods, Free Digital Camera. You'll see the offer after you sign up. Make sure that you don't confuse the Galleria offer with LifeStyle Rewards, as they look very similar.

Q: What's the best way to sign up for Galleria+?
A: See
Q: Why don't I see the cards I want on the online order form?
A: The cards are likely temporarily out of stock. Check back later.

Q: What is the Final Billing Offer (FBO)?
A: It's an offer presented to selected members when they threaten to cancel. It allows you to achieve the benefits of the program for the remainder of the year by only paying one additional monthly payment. This is offered randomly, so may need to call several times in order to qualify for this.

Q: Is it easy to cancel?
A: Yes, just email your request after logging in to the website, or phone the number for the program. Note: don't cancel until you have received all your ordered cards and have confirmed that your rebate appears on your credit statement. Also make sure that you have received all outstanding rebate cheques.

Q: Will my membership fee be refunded when I cancel?
A: If you are on a yearly fee program, then you will receive a pro-rated refund. On a monthly plan, your membership will be cancelled effective the end of the current paid month (no refund).

Q: Can my gift cards be sent via courier?
A: Yes, if you order $375 or more of cards in one order they will be shipped free via Purolator, otherwise the cards are shipped via Canada Post. Note: occasionally cards are shipped by the wrong method.
Q: How can I contact the programs?
A: All the numbers go to the same operators, so you can dial any of these: At Home 1-866-847-7885, Galleria 1-888-522-9808, LifeStyle Rewards 1-800-847-7860

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