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PETRO-POINTS is a program set up by gas station chain PetroCanada. You can earn points on anything purchased at PetroCanada (gasoline, car washes, repairs, snacks, etc.). Earn one point for each $0.10 spent. There are also bonus offers available from time to time.

A few hotel partners also offer PETRO-POINTS, as well as Sprint for telephone service.

The Citi PETRO-POINTS MasterCard affinity card allows you to earn points whenever you use the card (not just at PetroCanada). This card also allows you to instantly save $0.02 per litre on gas and diesel fuel purchased at PetroCanada and charged to the card.

Many of the partners incorrectly refer to this program as Petropoints or Petro Points. PetroCanada has specified that the name should be in upper case and hyphenated: PETRO-POINTS.

There are occasional promotions for bonus points. We will list them in the forums, as they become available.


Many types of rewards are available, mostly vehicle related.

A $20 gas reward costs 35,000 points, so each point is worth $0.0057 (~ 1/2 a cent), based on this benchmark. There may, from time to time, be better opportunities for redemptions. Converting the points to Sears Club points is the preferred route for many people, resulting in a greater value obtained for the points.

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