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Sears Club Strategies

Spouse Card

Share a Sears account between you and your spouse. This will allow your combined purchases to accumulate points, achieving the goals more quickly. You can obtain a separate card, linked to the same account.

Use Certificates for Credit Payment

Sears will likely stop issuing certificates at some point and switch to gift cards. If you do receive gift certificates then you can endorse the certificates with your signature on the back and mail it in with your payment. This is contrary to the stated policy, but they have processed this as a payment in the past as a standard procedure, rather then returning the certificates to the customer and damaging goodwill.

The advantage of doing this is that you can apply the rebate to items already purchased, as opposed to buying additional merchandise. Also, you don't receive Sears Club points on the amounts redeemed from certificates when used for a purchase, but you do using this method.

Double Point Promotion

Try to purchase when there is a double point promotion. These have become extremely rare and are usually restricted to specific products such as major appliances or travel. These occur more frequently during the Christmas buying season. This can be combined with other promotions such as Super Saturday merchandise certificates.


PETRO-POINTS tend to be most valuable when converting to Sears Club points. If you are planning to redeem your Sears Club points then you should convert the points at least a week ahead of time to allow sufficient processing time.

Use Sears Card at Partners

You can use the Sears card at PetroCanada (in addition to obtaining PETRO-POINTS), Choice Hotels, etc. and receive Sears Club points on your purchase.

Gift Card Consolidation

If you have $25 gift cards and you want to consolidate them into larger amounts, the easiest way is to purchase $50 or $100 gift cards online. When paying, you can redeem up to 10 gift cards. This essentially allows you to purchase gift cards with gift cards (this is difficult to do in store). Select pickup at a Sears Catalogue location to avoid shipping fees.

Gift Card Payment for Online & Catalogue Orders

Sears gift cards are advertised as an accepted payment for online and catalogue orders, but their systems cannot currently handle this method of payment. In order to use gift cards you must first order an item on your Sears Credit Card. Present your gift cards to the Cashier when you pick the order up. The standard procedure involves cashing out the gift cards and then applying the funds as a payment to the account. You can usually get away with cashing out an amount higher than the value (e.g. cash out an entire $100 gift card for a $95 purchase). If you decide to return the item later then you receive a credit on your account, not a gift card. This provides an indirect method of applying gift cards as a credit card payment (which is against company policy). This method also allows you to accumulate Sears Club points on the transaction. This is useful if you acquire gift cards through a promotion or have acquired discount gift cards through one of the MemberWorks programs.

Update: you can now use gift cards online at Enter up to 10 gift cards and your Sears credit card. If you don't pick the item up within 2 weeks of arrival then the item will be returned and the amount will automatically be credited to you credit card.

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