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Shoppers Optimum Card

Shoppers Optimum is offered by Shoppers Drug Mart . At the moment, this program appears to be the most generous loyalty program available, by a wide margin.

Savings of more than 100% are possible, on some occasions!

The prices at Shoppers Drug Mart are usually somewhat higher than competitors (without taking the loyalty program benefits into account). With the loyalty program it's often possible to obtain free or deeply discounted products. The shopping experience at Shoppers is usually much more pleasurable that at other retailers, as well.

Program Explained

Points primarily are awarded for making purchases at the store after presentation of a membership card. Additional points are available through surveys, promotions, partners, and other means. 1.79% of the purchase price (before taxes) is refunded when redeeming points at the 95,000 point level.

1 point is awarded for every $0.10 spent (excluding tobacco, lottery, gift cards, etc.). Fortunately, there are a multitude of opportunities to obtain bonus points that frequently boost your refund percentatage to 40% and beyond.

The fastest way to earn points is to maximize (often combining) the various bonus offers that are available.

Fill out this enrollment form and present it to any cashier to become a member

Point Value

Points Required Reward Value Rebate Percentage
8,000 $10 1.25%
22,000 $30 1.36%
38,000 $60 1.58%
50,000 $85 1.70%
95,000 $170 1.79%

The chart shows that redeeming at the highest level provides more than 40% additional value than multiple redemptions at the $10 level.

Without bonuses, you would need to spend $9,500 to achieve the highest level. Fortunately, the techniques discussed here will allow this level to be reached for a much lower expenditure.

Rules of Thumb

1000 points will result in a rebate of $1.79 (95,000 points = $170 rebate). If you can find a product around $1.80 that can provide 1000 bonus points then essentially you can get the product for free (excluding any taxes that may be applicable). There are plenty of products available for under two dollars and are eligible for a bonus point coupon reward.

500 points is worth $.60, so look for $1 items with 500 bonus points.

250 points is worth $0.30, but there aren't many items available with prices this low.

Affiliated Credit Cards

You can get 9,000 bonus points for applying for a CIBC's Shoppers Optimum Visa.

Program Discussion

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