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Shoppers Optimum Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Shoppers Drug Mart prices are higher then elsewhere. Even with the points, can't I save more money by shopping elsewhere?
A: There's no definite answer to this question. This loyalty program is currently extremely generous, but it could change when it's more established.. If you read understand, and follow the advice offered on this site then you should realize significantly more savings than elsewhere. You can often get items for little overall cost, or actually make money! Judicious selection of products and offers is important for maximizing the program. Take advantage while you can, as it probably wont last forever.

Q: Can I buy gift cards with my reward points?
A: This is against company policy. Even if the cashier wanted to allow this, the Point of Sale system will likely block it. You can try, but there is no record of anyone being successful.

Q: Where can I find out about the latest offers?
A: We list the offers on our promotions page. There are forums on the web such as pricenetwork, redflagdeals, and frugalshopper that often list this information as well. Subscribing to the SDM email will provide some of the information. Check the weekly SDM Flyer.

Q. I want to buy something for $300, can I redeem 75,000 points twice in the same transaction?
A. No, unless there is a "Pay with Points" promotion for the item. Only one points redemption per transaction is allowed.

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