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Note: Staples Dividend$ has been replaced by the Staples EasyRewards program.

The key to the Staples Dividend$ program is to utilize it in combination with the Staples Price Match policy. Staples has a list of vendors that they will do online price matches against, but matches at the Bricks and Mortar stores can be done against any local competitors.

Staples Price Match policy is 110%, so if you can find a lower price item at a competitor, Staples will deduct 10% of the difference from the lower cost price. The paradox is that the higher the Staples price is, the lower the cost will be to users of the price match policy, so higher prices are actually better.

Many customers practice arbitrage against the chains like Best Buy and FutureShop as well as small local shops such as Canada Computers. Free items are occasionally possible. These can usually be spotted by finding heavily discounted commodity products in competitor's weekly flyers.

The Dividend$ program provides a rebate based on the amount of purchases per quarter. This is an ideal program if you are a large consumer of office supplies for a business. Many people charge the expenses to a corporate credit card (and write off the expense), while retaining the membership benefits for their personal use.

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