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ZIPRewards is the loyalty program for the DVD rental service.

You earn reward points for specific actions:

  • buy DVD - 5 points
  • report damaged/wrong disk - 2 points
  • purchase gift certificates - 20 points/month
  • use the ZipReturn feature - 2 points
  • use the ZipReceived feature - 1 point
  • rate a review - 2 points
  • write a review - 2 points
  • FAQ review/feedback - 2 points
  • rate a Ziplist movie - 2 points
  • refer a friend - 1 point
    • becomes a member 400 points
    • bonus every 3rd referral - 500 points

You also earn rewards for remaining a loyal customer:

  • member for 1-6 months - 20 points/month
  • member for 7-12 months - 40 points/month
  • member for 13+ months - 50 points/month

Members receive extras on the anniversary date and discount offers from partners. There are exclusive online contests available to ZIPRewards members.


  • Extra ASAP (for 30 days) - 500 points
  • 1 month gift membership - 1500 points
  • 3 month gift membership - 4500 points
  • extra rental - 250


If you are not yet a member sign up for the free 2 week trial. You should sign up for the 6 disc program. In the 2 week trial period you can expect to receive 12 DVDs if you watch them quickly and return them, depending on your location. At the end of the 2 week period you can cancel the membership or downgrade to a less expensive option. New Releases at other rental charges, such as BLOCKBUSTER are over $5 each, so the savings is in excess of $60! If you plan to cancel the membership, remember that all the DVDs need to arrive at before the trial is over, or else you will be charged. Allow at least 2 days for shipping and processing.

Purchase a small denomination of gift certificates each month and then use them to pay your own account for an extra 20 points/month.

Refer friends and family (they can sign up for the free 2 week trial) for 401 points + bonus.

Always use the ZipReceived function when you receive the DVD and the ZipReturned function when returning

The one month gift membership is the best value, try to hold out for this.

If you ever have customer service issues, try asking for bonus ZipReward points as compensation.

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