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Sears Club offers are only applicable to the private label Sears Card. When you use the card at any of the participating vendors then you are awarded points (usually 1 point per dollar spent).

The most important consideration for this program is that Sears Club points expire after 30 months. You need to plan on redeeming the points within 30 months of earning them or you will get nothing (see avoidance strategy).

In order to maximize the program, you need to accumulate 12,000 points within 2 years and then redeem them for $360 in certificates. At the standard rate, this means spending $12,000 dollars, which isn't achievable by many people. Occasionally, there are opportunities for double points, but these have been increasingly rare as of late. You can also convert points from other loyalty programs via the PETRO-POINTS conversion (other loyalty programs convert to PETRO-POINTS), in order to move closer to the threshold.

Note: the program was downgraded April 1st, 2007.

Here is the redemption schedule that became effective on April 1st, 2007:

Sears Club points are convertible to PETRO-POINTS, and vice versa.

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